Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sinagpan Spring Resort @ Buhi CamSur

Springs in the Rinconada area especially in Iriga and Buhi Camarines Sur are abundant. This time, let's go to Sinagpan Spring Resort in Buhi. The resort is approximately 30 minutes away from the Barangay Town Hall of Sta. Justina.

This is the point of entry going to the resort. It's a rough terrain with a one way traffic only. Sedans are not advisable here (based from my experience) or else you'll get bumps underneath your car

*All photos were taken June 20, 2011

Along the way..
lushly green and a very rural scenery

Rocks are kind of sharp so be careful when driving

This is what we call simple living

Cars cannot go directly to the resort that's why before you reach this path (next photo on the left) you have to leave the car with the owners of a certain house. No worries, the people here are very hospitable in allowing you to park your car for a few hours just right outside their lawn.

The hanging and wiggly bridge is a challenge to those who are not used to it.

just in case you fall down, the water is clean :D

Just a few meters away from the bridge is the resort. It is highly noticeably with the colorful flaglets around the compound. The resort is quite located on the foot of a hill. That's why the cottages are somewhat located on a higher pavement.

Entrance Fee: Php 25.00
Cottage Fee: Php 100.00

Sinagpan Spring Resort is a natural swimming pool continuously fed by gushing crystal clear spring water. The water is free flowing and will not leave you swimming in a stagnant pool water for a few days like artificial pools do. The compound is not that big, it is just enough for a spring resort of this kind.

Depth of Water
3 Ft  (until the white line) and 6 Ft on the right side

This part is smaller but deeper like the 6 ft pool

Cottages around the pool. This is on the upper portion of the compound

Although the place is but isolated, other amenities such as the dressing room and comfort room is clean and maintained enough. There's also a sari-sari store in the compound and a videoke machine for karaoke adiks out there. If you are not picky and adventurous you'll surely enjoy going to Sinagpan Spring Resort. The walk, the lushly green scenery, the hanging bridge and the crystal clear water will surely enlighten you up and enjoy nature.


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