Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lake Manapao @ Buhi CamSur

Lake Manapao - Sinarapan Sunctuary of Buhi

Sinarapan is known to be the smallest fish in the world and it's being grown in this small, but deep and mysterious lake.

Students, Professors and Researchers always visit this place for water sampling, depth analysis and the same time studying the whole biodiversity of the lake. It's just mind boggling to hear stories from the natives of this place to have a mythical creature in the lake and those in virgin forest surrounding it.

Manapao is just a few meters walk from Sinagpan Spring Resort going uphill first then down again.

After going over this hill, you'll see the house of one of the caretakers of the lake. And at the back of their house... this is what you'll see. Too bad there's lots of water hyacinths during our visit, these has to go! Tsk tsk
Thick forested area on the right

Our next destination was to go half way around the lake and reach that concrete structure on the other side

View from the concrete structure

Natives from the place

On our way back, we saw an old woman harvesting "kangkong".

This is how simple life can be

Going back to Sinagpan


Unknown said...

Where exactly is this place in Sta. Justina & who the Family that owns it? Thanks for considering & satisfying my curiosity. Dios Mabalos!

Tunay na ag pirming taga Buhi!

Edgar P. Ninofranco
Taga Power

NCD said...

kagsadiri po kang Manapao? siyempre sa Buhi po yan. or are you referring po ba to Sinagpan Spring?

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